June 16, 2013


Hey there! Good news! School's out in about a week, and I can't wait to sleep all day long. Gosh, I tell you, waking up every morning is getting harder and harder as the time passes. But eh, can't do much about it.

However, this Summer I decided to go for some life drawing sessions for my first time...Idk how I should approach this, but for now I intend on going at least once a week. Anyway, that might help, might not...still gonna give it a try.

Since the school's goin' fishing, I have more time to practice my painting skills. As far as I noticed, my line-art is better than my painting...That's maybe 'cus I started using pen and paper more. I'm glad I finally noticed some kind of evolution, comparing my new paintings with the old ones. I'd say I did quite a great job. However, here are some...things...that I managed to pull out during finals and shit.

Enjoy :) And have a great day!
 (Really ugly face on that WoW seal-like character)

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