June 16, 2013


Hey there! Good news! School's out in about a week, and I can't wait to sleep all day long. Gosh, I tell you, waking up every morning is getting harder and harder as the time passes. But eh, can't do much about it.

However, this Summer I decided to go for some life drawing sessions for my first time...Idk how I should approach this, but for now I intend on going at least once a week. Anyway, that might help, might not...still gonna give it a try.

Since the school's goin' fishing, I have more time to practice my painting skills. As far as I noticed, my line-art is better than my painting...That's maybe 'cus I started using pen and paper more. I'm glad I finally noticed some kind of evolution, comparing my new paintings with the old ones. I'd say I did quite a great job. However, here are some...things...that I managed to pull out during finals and shit.

Enjoy :) And have a great day!
 (Really ugly face on that WoW seal-like character)

May 27, 2013

moar shtuff

If I may, the last one looks pretty awesome =). However, I am not to judge my own paintings. Enjoy!

May 7, 2013


Yet again, back from a long holiday...kind of. However, during this free time, I decided to get my hands on a book. It is called "Echo Park" written by Michael Connelly. The author is well known for his police novels, so I gave it a try. I gotta admit, this is the first book I actually enjoyed reading, and I highly recommend it if you like this stuff.

And yah...I got some drawings up in this time, couldn't find the spirit to up them tho'... so here they are:

~ 6 weeks until the summer holiday, can't wait for it! More stuff to come later.

Thank you guys for checking in my blog, it is helpful in a way to see that some people visit it. :)

April 15, 2013

Car Sketch #1

Hello there!

I feel kinda awkward for having to say something everytime I post something, so expect some posts to be just drawings.

However, today I gave a shot at drawing (well, more like sketching but w/e) a car...Here's it, and have a nice day!
It is not in perfect perspective, I know.. I just wanted to give it a more fancy look, even if it turned out to be ugly...hey, one of the first...don't kill meh.

April 14, 2013



I don't know how many people passed trough here, nor do I care. For the few that may have probably passed trough, I am back with more stuff. I have practiced a lot lately, and I feel that I have improved my artistic skills. Yeppe!

This huge break was really helpful. Btw, as I said, yep..I did try some different activities...but I enjoyed none. Or at least, not as much as drawing. I guess this is something..huh?

So yeah...ME HERE..heh

Oh btw, I just wanted to point out a VERY nice radio station, which I really enjoy lately. The radio is called Alternate USA. They basically play the best music ever, from classic rock to modern alternative rock. Give it a try, there's nothing you can lose.

Here's the link for that:  http://alternateusa.com/html/player.html 

Hmm..let's see..what else...

Oh yeah, my birthday was 2 days ago...drank like a thirsty animal...but that's not the point.

Oke, sorry for the long news, here's some of the paintings/drawings I did:

I know, they are not the greatest paintings ever, but....slowly...I start to get more into it...and I love it. You gotta enjoy the process of learning, that's all... (really like the last one btw :3 )

Aiight, "that's all folks"!

February 25, 2013

More delay

Aiight so since I missed the last week, I may aswell take one more free week, right? Well..nope, but I will. I'm not in the mood for it..may be experimenting more stuff...different activities, idk. Just wanted you to know that.