February 20, 2013


Hello there again.

So, the first thing I want to say is that my W4 will be delayed a few days (prolly' gotta post it on sunday) for several reasons:
1. I "visited" the dentist today and now my teeth hurt as hell...and I can't feel my upper jaw.
2. Had to take care of things for school.
3. Will be drunk on Friday/Saturday.
4. Because f*ck you, that's why! (nah, jking)

However, I felt like watching one of Feng Zhu's DVD's about perspective (2h of technical stuff)..so yeah..I did something productive aswell.
Our W4's subject will focus on environments (since I watched that DVD, I thought I should give 'em environments a try). Unfortunately, this being a busy week, the designs will be like..thumbnails (quality and dimension), giving me the chance to upload more.

So that was it for today, I hope you enjoy the rest of the week!
See ya on Sunday.

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